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1 an inclined surface or roadway that moves traffic from one level to another [syn: incline]
2 North American perennial having a slender bulb and whitish flowers [syn: wild leek, Allium tricoccum]
3 a movable staircase that passengers use to board or leave an aircraft


1 behave violently, as if in state of a great anger [syn: rage, storm]
2 furnish with a ramp; "The ramped auditorium"
3 be rampant; "the lion is rampant in this heraldic depiction"
4 creep up -- used especially of plants; "The roses ramped over the wall"
5 stand with arms or forelegs raised, as if menacing

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  • /ɹæmp/
  • Rhymes with: -æmp


  1. An inclined surface that connects two levels; an incline.
  2. A mobile staircase that is attached to the doors of an airliner at an airport.
  3. An American plant, Allium tricoccum, related to the onion.
  4. In the context of "Appalachia": A promiscuous man or woman; a general insult for a worthless person.
  5. In the context of "skating": A construction used to do skating tricks, usually in the form of part of a pipe.


inclined surface that connects two levels; incline
mobile staircase that is attached to the doors of an airliner at an airport
American plant, Allium tricoccum, related to the onion
Appalachia: promiscuous man or woman; a general insult for a worthless person
skating: construction to do skating tricks
  • Dutch: ramp


  1. To behave violently; to rage.
  2. To stand in a rampant position.


behave violently; rage
stand in a rampant position


Pronunciation 1

  • /rɑmp/


  1. disaster

Pronunciation 2

  • /ɹæmp/


  1. In the context of "skating": A construction to do skating tricks, usually in the form of one half of a pipe, a half-pipe.

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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

acclivity, arise, ascent, assault, attack, back stairs, ballot-box stuffing, bank, barbarize, batter, be angry, be excitable, beat, beguile of, bellow, bevel, bezel, bilk, blow a gasket, blow up, bob, bounce, bristle, brutalize, bunco, burn, butcher, caper, capriole, caracole, cardsharping, carry on, catch fire, catch the infection, cavort, cheat, cheating, chisel, chouse, chouse out of, chute, clamber, clamber up, climb, climb over, climb up, cock up, cog, cog the dice, come apart, companion, companionway, con, cozen, cozenage, crib, curvet, cut a dido, cut capers, declivity, defraud, descent, destroy, diddle, diddling, dip, dishonesty, do in, do out of, dodge, easy slope, escalade, escalier, euchre, excite easily, explode, finagle, fire escape, fire up, fishy transaction, flam, flame up, flare up, flash up, fleam, fleece, flight of steps, flimflam, flip, flounce, fob, fraud, fraudulence, fraudulency, frisk, fudge, gambado, gambol, gentle slope, gerrymandering, get excited, get up, glacis, go into hysterics, go on, gouge, grade, gradient, graft, grift, gull, gyp, gyp joint, hammer, hanging gardens, have, have a tantrum, helicline, hocus, hocus-pocus, illicit business, imposition, imposture, inclination, incline, inclined plane, jump about, jump up, landing, landing stage, launching ramp, lay waste, loot, maul, mount, mug, mulct, pack the deal, perron, pigeon, pillage, pitch, practice fraud upon, prance, racket, rage, rampage, rant, rant and rave, rape, rave, rear, rear up, riot, rise, rise up, roar, romp, rook, ruin, run a temperature, sack, savage, scale, scale the heights, scam, scarp, scrabble up, scramble up, screw, seethe, sell gold bricks, shave, shelving beach, shin, shin up, shinny, shortchange, side, sit bolt upright, sit up, skip, slaughter, slope, smolder, sow chaos, spiral staircase, stack the cards, staircase, stairs, stairway, stand up, steep slope, stepping-stones, steps, stick, stick up, stiff climb, stile, sting, storm, struggle up, surmount, swindle, take a dive, take fire, talus, tear, tear around, terrorize, thimblerig, throw a fight, treads and risers, trip, turn a hair, upclimb, upheave, uprear, uprise, vandalize, victimize, violate, wreck
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